How to install Toonloop Lite for Mac OS X or Windows

How to install Toonloop Lite for Mac OS X:

  1. Download and install Processing 1.5 (not 2.0 Beta)
  2. Run Processing. Open the Preferences dialog. Increase available memory to 1024. Save the preferences.
  3. Save an empty sketch, so that your sketch folder gets created. Should be something like ~/Documents/Processing/ (where ~ is your home directory)
  4. Download the Toonloop Lite sketch.
  5. Uncompress it your Processing sketches folder.
  6. Open it with Processing 1.5
  7. See in the source code for how to control it with the keyboard.
  8. Run it! It should detect your camera. If you have multiple cameras connected, you might need to change the source code.
  9. Good luck and have fun!